Loyd Van Horn joins Apricot Blush, Horrible Girl and the Mess, Boo Hag, Finding Freedom, The Apartment Club, Ty Graves, Revelator and Gray Lee for the first Hoodoo Music Festival.  Starting at 3pm on Saturday, December 15th.  Donations will be accepted for Upstate Food Not Bombs .   Find out more here!


Sean Knight with SC Music Guide gives Loyd's new album a listen

Self-produced at home by Charleston multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Loyd Van HornEscape is a 75 minute journey through both the artist’s musical imagination and the titular concept itself and all its derivatives – departure, flight, liberation. Taking his inspiration from everything from classic and prog rock to blues and ’90s alt/grunge, Van Horn boils up quite a stew from track to track, but never lets the listener’s appetite wander, thematically. There is a story here for those who care to venture with the singer.

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